My Personal Reincarnation

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Personal Reincarnation

by Norma Holt
My website

When I first started my web sites, such as that listed above, and chose to come forward with my information about my reincarnation and the job I have to do I was worried about how to present it. After years of establishing everything shown to me as truth I was shy and backward about the subject. People would critisise and view me as some kind of nut, or so I thought. Then I discovered how many people have similar experiences to mine and can support my claims through them. I also found that people do not ridicule or hate me for what I am doing but rather it was me hating myself.

It is not my intention to hurt or offend anyone but when you know something is terribly wrong and that criminals are getting away with murder because of the power given them by religious cohorts then it would be wrong to do nothing.

Reincarnation as I recall it followed an amazing, beautiful time in the Spirit. It was my 'entity', my being, myself that had the experience and then I was sent back to live again and complete a commission. It turned out to be but one of several that were given to me at the time shown between lives. That important age of 45, that of my last death, saw me once again in the spirit but this time in my body.

My parents were chosen for me as I had no say in it. Only that I stood above them when they were married so the date is well documented. It had to be that way so everything could be proven when the time came to talk about it. As a child I had a different language to my parents and siblings and have just read a report by a mother whose child spoke Greek although they were not Greek.

Reading much more of these testimonies of past life experiences and of between life sojourns I filled with spiritual power as the Great Spirit of the Universe, to which I and those who reincarnate are connected, gloried in what those who have recall have said. Unfortunately children are criticised and forget past life memories through the way they are taught and because of their dependency on their parents and teachers.

That is how and why religion plays such a devastating role in overturning the truth so that man-made dogma and false gods survive to create havoc in this world. It is why suicide bombers can be encouraged to kill themselves and take innocent people with them so that their gods will reward them in fictional places like heaven or paradise. It is only when the truth is told that such rubbish can be overturned.

Reincarnation occurs only for those of the spirit and those who are not connected ate the killers, the tormenters, torturers, dictators, criminals and so on. Because they are without spiritual links they are not guided into good things by that voice, that command center that those of us who are spiritual know only too well. It is that inner voice that many call 'conscience' that is the spirit within.